A fossil-free future is not only possible. It is the only option we have.

There is only one solution to global warming. We must build a fossil-free future. A future without the dependency on fossil fuels like oil, coal and natural gas. And we must do it fast if we want to avoid the disasters that global warming otherwise will bring down on our civilisation.

Many seem to think, that this is an impossible task or at least far to expensive to even consider. This is very far from the truth. But a century of fossil fuel addiction has led us to believe there is no life without the needle.

The reality is that a fossil-free future is not only possible. It is the only possible future if we want our civilisation to go on on and thrive in the future. We have the means, we have the money. But do we also have the courage to make the change?

Global warming

Three steps to fossil freedom

Step 1: Efficiency and conservation

It may seem too obvious to mention, but energy efficiency and conservation are the quickest, cheapest and cleanest ways to free ourselves from the fossil fuel dependency. Simply put, the energy that we do not use is the cheapest and cleanest form of energy.

Step 2: Renewable energy

Windpower, solar heating, photovoltaics. These are but some of the renewable energy sources at our disposal. And they are all getting cheaper and more efficient every day. These are the energy sources of the future. Starting with step 1, efficiency and conservation we can easily meet our demands for clean and green energy with renewable sources.

Step 3: A flexible energy supply

Building an energy system on 100 % renewable energy present new challenges. We must learn to adapt the energy system to the changing weather as the sun does not allways shine and the wind does not always blow. Therefore tomorrows energy system must be flexible using heat and electridity storage and means to convert surplus electricity production to heat when needed.

Global Warming facts
Global Warming 101
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